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Correscopy Correlative Imaging redefines correlative microscopy using a combination of innovative hardware and software solutions to provide correlative imaging across a multitude of platforms

Correscopy Correlative Imaging

Correscopy’s patent protected system redefines correlative microscopy using a combination of innovative hardware and software solutions to provide correlative imaging across a multitude of platforms.

Correlative microscopy is conventionally strictly related to the correlation of the information gathered from two types of microscopes, usually: a light microscope and a scanning electron microscope. Imaging the same location of the sample with high accuracy using various techniques has been a challenging task for many years. While many manufactures of microscopes offer equipment which allow such imaging using 2 or 3 techniques, the compromises in integrating multiple techniques into one instrument often leads to the inability to characterise the sample to the same level as dedicated devices.

Correlative Microscopy

Correscopy’s correlative microscopy package allows the user to perform correlative imaging of almost any microscopy or imaging technique that they (and their collaborators) have access to without modification to the imaging apparatus. This configurable package consists of several sample mount and adaptor plate options for use with a variety of microscopes, along with a software package used for storing and correlating imaging coordinates for each microscopy technique used on a sample. These coordinates can then be used to precisely overlay images using a traditional image processing software package to provide undisputed data for making clear-cut conclusions.

Correlative Microscopy


    • The system is fully independent of the microscope it is installed on
    • Does not require any physical modification to the microscope
    • Allows for correlative imaging using dedicated microscopes for uncompromised
      sample characterisation when compared to other correlative microscopy systems
    • Samples can be transferred between microscopes with ease using the dedicated
      holders and image correlation is straight-forward and easy to align with each transfer.
    • A wide range of adaptor plates are available for many different microscopes with custom solutions possible
    • Very affordable base package with add-ons available
    • Currently works with over 60 different microscopes spanning 12 imaging techniques

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    Product Specialist

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    Sample Holder

    The Correscopy sample holder can be used as a direct surface for affixing a sample or a sample plate can be affixed to the holder, for example, on a glass slide. This holder serves as the core of the correlative imaging process and contains the required reference point to be used with the software. As such, for the duration of the correlative imaging process, the sample must stay on this sample holder. 

    There are several readily configured sample holders available depending on your sample type and intended optical access, though custom options can be configured for specialised applications and sample orientations.  

    Correscopy sample holder


    XY Microscope Adaptor Plate

    The XY Microscope adaptor plates allow the sample holder to be positioned for use in many microscopes across a wide variety of imaging types including:

    Infrared Spectroscopy

    Light Microscopy for Biological samples

    Light microscopy for Metalurgical samples

    Raman spectroscopy


     These stages also have a small amount for rotation compensation in order to align the imaging axes of your sample. The standard configurations are:







    Pin Microscope Adaptor Plate

    Primarily designed for use with Scanning Electron Microscopes, the "Pin" microscope adaptor plates have a small pin on the back of the plate designed to fit in standard SEM configurations. The current models have a 3 mm or 10 mm pin size:

    SEM P3

    SEM P10

    Magnetic Adaptor Plate

    The Magnetic adapter plate currently has two models, MAG S30 and MAG S50, designed for use in:

    Atomic Force Microscopy

    Secondary-Ion Mass Spectrometry

    X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy

    Optical / 3D Surface Profilometry


    Light microscopy for Metalurgical samples

    Correlative Imaging Software

    Correscopy's dedicated correlative imaging software allows the user to coordinate and collate information in order to correctly and precisely align overlapping image data. Within the software, the user is guided through the imaging process by:

     Defining devices

    Creating a library of devices

    Defining areas of interest on the sample

    Locating the above areas on any device

    Editing and planning projects


    The program then provides the user with the information required to overlap the image data within their preferred software to create the correlated images. The software package is easy to use with step-by-step instructions as your project progresses. It is included as part of the base Correscopy Correlative Imaging package with the appropriate licence keys. 

    Correscopy also offers MountainsMap from Digital Surf for image processing. This forms an end to end solution from image acquisition to image processing when purchased with the Correscopy Correlative Imaging package.   

    Correlative Microscopy

    Correlated Microscopes

    The Correscopy Correlated Imaging system has been tested with over 60 microscopes spanning 12 different imaging techniques. The list below contains the microscopes currently verified as compatible with this system, however, this list will grow with every user and should be only be used for reference. If you are a user of the Correscopy Correlated Imaging system and your microscope is not yet included, please e-mail the product contact and we will add it to the list.

    Microscopy Technique Manufacturer Microscope Model
    Light Microscopy KEYENCE VHX
      LEICA DVM6
      NIKON MA200
        Eclipse ME600
        Eclipse Ni
        Eclipse Ti 2
        Labophot-2 (1980's)
      MOTIC BA310
      NACHET Cephee
      ZEISS Axio Lab.A1
        Axio Observer Z1m
        Axio Imager
        Primo Star
    Fluorescent / Confocal Microscopy LIECA DMI 6000 CS
      OLYMPUS IX 81
        IX 71
      ZEISS Axiovert
        LSM 510
        LSM 710
        LSM 880 (+Airyscan)
    Scanning Electron Microscopy COXEM EM30 (desktop SEM)
      FEI Helios
        Quanta FEG 250
      HITACHI SU8010
      JEOL JSM 5410 (1994)
        JSM 6480
        JSM 6701F
      PHENOM XL (desktop SEM)
        VEGA 2SBH
      TESLA BS340 (1989)
      ZEISS Merlin
    Infrared Spectroscopy ANASYS INSTRUMENTS nanoIR2
      BRUKER Hyperion 3000
      THERMO FISHER Nicolet iN10
        Nicolet Continuum
    Raman Spectroscopy HORIBA Labram HR
        Labram ARAMIS
      RENISHAW inVia confocal Raman Microscope
        inVia Qontor
        inVia µRaman (with Leica LM)
    Atomic Force Microscopy ASYLIUM RESEARCH MFP 3D BIO
      BRUKER Catalyst (with Zeiss LM)
        Catalyst (with Leica LM)
      NANOSURF Easyscan 2
    Optical Profilometry ZYGO Zegage
    3D Surface Profiler SENSOFAR S lynx
    X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy KRATOS Supra
    Secondary-Ion Mass Spectrometry ION-TOF TOF.SIMS 5
    Nanoindentation CSM Nanoindenter
      HYSITRON (BRUKER) TI 950 TriboIndenter
    Correlative Microscopy WITEC Alpha



    "Simply brilliant! Locating my region of interest used to consume most of my time in a typical imaging session.Now I let Correscopy find my sample instantly, so I can spend a 100% of my time acquiring images and pushing the boundaries of science.”

    Dr Abhijeet Patra, Research Fellow at National University of Singapore, Singapore


    "Image correlation made by Correscopy is unbelievably simple and effective. No matter what type and age of the microscope is, the same structure can be imaged by an obsolete light microscope and a top-notch scanning electron microscope. Besides, it takes only a few extra secondsofwork" 

    Dr hab. Grzegorz Tylko, Assistant Professor at Jagiellonian University, Poland


    “Correscopy is an incredibly very easy to use and effective solution for correlative imaging. In less than 2 hours, we were able to get images on the same sample area from 3 stand-alone equipment’s : AFM, SEM and Tof SIMS, allowing correlation of the 3 imaging techniques. Something that we were not able to easily achieve up to now and that we will be providing as a service to our customers in the future”

    Dr Yves Depuydt, Scientific Director at Tescan Analytics, France


    “I always thought that correlative imaging requires using modern, hi-tech microscopes. Correscopy proved me wrong, now I can use my antique analog electron microscope (Tesla BS 340 from 1989) along with other microscopes to do so. I can honestly recommend this product.”

    Dr Jagna Karcz, Senior Specialist at Univeristy of Silesia, Poland

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