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Sigray NanoXRM-40 3D X-Ray Microscope / Nano-CT

Sigray NanoXRM-40 3D X-Ray Microscope / Nano-CT

Highest Resolution 3D X-ray Microscope, with Multi-Energy Flexibility for Accelerating research in Advanced Laboratories

Sigray’s NanoXRM™-40 3D x-ray microscope is the highest resolution (40 nm) laboratory x-ray microscope in the world, with the power to image internal nanostructure and optimised performance in a wide range of samples, spanning everything from cells and polymers to geological samples and metals.

The NanoXRM is one of two zoneplate-based nano-Cts on the market, both developed by Dr. Wenbing yun, who is well recognised as a pioneer in x-ray microscopy. The NanoXRM system features significant improvements over previous technology, including better resolution, increased field of view (FOV), and multi-energy capabilities for faster data acquisition and increased contrast.

Patent-pending x-ray source and optics technology allows the NanoXRM to achieve unparalleled performance but requires major innovations in key component technology.

Sigray has developed an ultrahigh brightness x-ray source featuring an x-ray target comprised of multiple materials in close thermal contact with a diamond substrate. Software selection of the target material enables rapid switching between different characteristic x-ray energies of each material, for example: 5.4 keV (Cr), 6.4 keV (Fe), 8 keV (Cu), and more. the flexibility in energy choice overcomes the trade-off of other systems in which only a single operational x-ray energy must be selected upfront.

Coupled to the source are twin paraboloidal microfocusing x-ray optics, a type of optic exclusively fabricated by Sigray. Compared to ellipsoidal capillaries, these optics provide uniform illumination of the zone plate and increased imaging performance.


    • 40 nm resolution (13 nm voxel) with 18 μm FOV in High resolution mode.
    • 120 nm resolution (40 nm voxel) with 60 μm FOV in Large FOV mode.
    • Absorption and Phase Contrast imaging modes.
    • Several dual energy target options with others available on request.
    • High efficiency 2048 x 2048 pixel CCD X-ray detector system.
    • Hi precision tomography stage with 12 x 10 x 12 mm travel in XYZ

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