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Xenics 2D imaging cameras for R&D

Xenics NIR/SWIR imaging cameras

2D imaging for R&D

Xenics are the leading European manufacturer of 2D IR cameras in the NIR/SWIR spectral range. Originally a commercial spin-out of the IMEC research centre in Lueven, Belgium – their cameras are based on years of experience with III-V semiconductor technology. They now have a wide range of cameras to suit an increasing number of applications.


    • 2D NIR/SWIR cameras based on InGaAs or T2SL detectors
    • 2D MWIR cameras based on InSb or MCT detectors
    • LWIR cameras based on uncooled microbolometer detectors
    • TrueNUC for continuous real-time image correction
    • Intuitive software package (Xeneth) with comprehensive SDK
    • Variety of lenses available

    Contact: Ben Parker
    Sales Manager

    +44 (0)1372 378822



    The Bobcat is a low footprint, high performance camera based on a TE-stabilised InGaAs FPA (focal plane array).  It has excellent low readout noise and low dark current characteristics. Additionally, the programmable trigger out delay function of the gated model makes it ideal for imaging of hot or fast moving objects.


    •  High sensitivity

    •  Small form factor with GigE interface

    •  2 spatial resolutions available; 320 x 256 and 640 x 512 pixels

    •  On-board image processing

    •  Gated model for short integration times (100 ns)

    •  VisNIR option for 640 x 512 pixel format


    •  Bobcat-320 -GigE

    •  Bobcat-320-Gated

    •  Bobcat-640-GigE


    •  Solar cell inspection

    •  Fibre optic alignment

    •  Food inspection

    •  Waste sorting


    The Cheetah-640CL camera is the fastest InGaAs infrared camera in the world.  The camera has been designed for applications where high speed imaging matters – whether this be adaptive optics, on-line high-speed spectral analysis or tracking of fast and hot objects.


    •  Fastest InGaAs camera on the market

    •  640 x 512 pixel format

    • Three speed models; 400 Hz, 800 Hz and 1700 Hz (full frame)

    •  CameraLink interface (8-bit or 12-bit)

    •  TE3 cooling and VisNIR sensor options

    •  Spectrograph compatible


    •  Cheetah-640CL-400Hz

    •  Cheetah-640CL-800Hz

    •  Cheetah-640CL-1700Hz

    •  Cheetah-640-CL-TE3


    •  Adaptive optics/wavefront sensing

    •  High speed tracking

    •  Thermal imaging of fast or hot objects

    •  Oil electro-coalescence research for crude oil purification

    •  Optical coherence tomography


    The Xeva is the flagship NIR/SWIR camera from Xenics - based on a thermoelectrically cooled InGaAs FPA (focal plane array).  There are many options available depending on the required spectral range, command/control interface and spatial resolution. The Xeva series combines fast speed and high dynamic range, and all models are spectrograph compatible.


    •  Spectrograph compatible

    •  USB and CameraLink interfaces

    •  2 spatial resolutions available; 320 x 256 and 640 x 512 pixels

    •  Deep cooling (TE3/TE4) models for long integration times

    •  VisNIR option (320 x 256 pixel format model only)

    •  Extended-SWIR sensitivity (2.35 and 2.5 µm)


    •  Xeva-1.7-320

    •  Xeva-1.7-320-VisNIR

    •  Xeva-1.7-320-TE3

    •  Xeva-1.7-640

    •  Xeva-2.35-320

    •  Xeva-2.5-320


    •  Art inspection

    •  Hyperspectral imaging

    •  Semiconductor inspection

    •  High temperature thermography


    The Tigris-640 is a cooled midwave infrared (MWIR) camera equipped with a state-of-the-art InSb or MCT detector. This thermal camera is equipped with a number of unique features including a motorized filter wheel and is also available in a BroadBand option. This option allows you to increases the sensitivity of the camera into the shortwave infrared (SWIR) realm. All Tigris versions are optimized for highly stable thermal imaging and thermography in R&D and industrial applications. 


    •  640 x 512 pixel format

    • Temperature accuracy to ±2 ˚C or  ±2 %

    • Configurable trigger in or out

    •  CameraLink, GigE Vision, and analog interface

    •  Stirling cooled MCT or InSb sensor with broadband option available

    •  Filter wheel with start-stop options and up to 5, 25.4 mm diameter, 1.0 mm thickness filter slots


    •  Tigris-640-MCT

    •  Tigris-640-MCT-BB

    •  Tigris-640-InSb

    •  Tigris-640-InSb-BB


    •  Bio-medical

    •  Industrial process monitoring

    •  Non-destructive testing

    •  R&D (MWIR range)

    •  Thermography


    The Gobi 640 is perfectly suited for high-speed imaging in full 640x480 resolution with frame rates up to 50 Hz or higher in windowing mode. The Gobi 640 combines high image quality with high thermal resolution and accurate thermal analysis capabilities. Setup and use of the Gobi cameras are hassle-free, with simplified startup procedures and compatibility with industry standard accessories. Interfacing can be done either through CameraLink or via GigE Vision.


    •  640 x 480 pixel format

    • Spectral band: 8 μm - 14 μm

    • 1 μs - 80 μs integration time range

    • Maximum frame rate of 50 Hz (full frame)

    • Configurable trigger in or out

    •  16 bit ADC

    •  Compact form factor

    •  Industry standard compatibility


    •  Gobi-640-GigE

    •  Gobi-640-CL


    •  Hot spot detection

    •  Bio medical imaging

    •  NDT: Lock-in thermography

    •  Quality control and quality assurance

    •  Real-time process control and monitoring


    The Serval-640-GigE LWIR Thermal Imaging camera fulfils a growing demand for ruggedized and reliable thermal cameras for industrial imaging applications without the need for third-party enclosures.

    The Serval 640 GigE Thermography is a LWIR camera is able to measure temperatures and can be used, with a minimum of maintenance, in extreme environments. This variation has 4 standard on-board calibration ranges. Xenics offers calibrations (only with selected lenses) from:

    • -20°C to 120°C
    • 50°C to 400°C
    • 300°C to 1200°C*
    • 1000°C to 2000°C*

    *Using ND filter. A calibration with ND filter cannot be combined with another calibration without ND filter

    This allows you to measure temperatures from -20°C to 2000°C. 

    The Serval thermal cameras are directed at demanding indoor uses, such as in-line process and quality control in harsh and hot industrial environments. In this highly specialized field, system integrators are looking for new solutions in terms of easy and maintenance-free installations as well as long-term stability.

    This thermal infrared camera is designed for long-term stable and reliable operation under difficult ambient conditions. Its compact form factor provides front window protection with air purge to avoid costly repair or replacement of the lens; and to allow permanent use in dust-loaded atmospheres.



    •  640 x 480 pixel format

    • Spectral band: 8 μm - 12 μm

    • Maximum frame rate of 50 Hz (full frame)

    • Configurable trigger in or out

    •  16 bit ADC

    •  Compact form factor

    •  Broad range of accessories

    •  IP67 protection rating

    •  Easy-to-integrate, maintainance free operation


    •  Serval-640-18mm-I

    •  Serval-640-25mm-I

    •  Serval-640-40mm-I

    •  Serval-640-18mm-T

    •  Serval-640-25mm-T

    •  Serval-640-40mm-T


    • Non-contact thermal imaging of (hot) objects

    • Quality control and quality assurance

    •  Temperature measurement (thermography) for industrial processes

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