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DENSsolutions In-Situ Electron Microscopy


Observing real-time dynamics inside your TEM.

DENSsolutions offers a complete suite of In Situ Sample Management Solutions for Heating, Biasing, Gases & Liquids in Transmission Electron Microscopes (TEMs).


All systems allow investigations of samples such that the dynamics can be directly observed at high resolution.

The DENSsolutions systems offer the most accurate & reliable performance by means of localised and continuous temperature feedback.  Optimised versions for both Jeol & Thermo Fisher Scientific TEMs.

In-Situ Electron Microscopy

Contact: Ben Parker
Sales Manager

+44 (0)1372 378822


Wildfire - Heating

Wildfire In Situ TEM Heating

The Wildfire In Situ Heating Series enables researchers to perform thermal studies in a controlled and stable environment within your TEM. Catering for a variety of application spaces, the Wildfire In Situ Heating Series transforms your high-end TEM from a static imaging tool to a multi-functional laboratory.  Applications include heat treatment and failure analysis.


Resolution 0.6Å

Heating 1300°C

Temperature stability 0.005°C

Wildfire H (H+) – Alpha tilt + / – 30 degrees (Thermo Fisher Scientific),  + / - 15 to 20 degrees (JEOL)

Wildfire H+ 3D – Alpha tilt + / – 70 degrees (Thermo Fisher Scientific only)

Wildfire H+ DT – Alpha tilt + / – 25 degrees & Beta tilt + / – 25 degrees (Thermo Fisher Scientific),  + / - 15 to 20 degrees (JEOL)

Get more from your TEM, 3 reasons to choose for Wildfire

Investigating materials in the real-world thermal environment expands the application space of a conventional TEM and enhances its already powerful imaging capabilities.

The Wildfire system allows for researchers to heat from room temperature to 1300 °C with market leading accuracy.

The stability of the Wildfire system ensures that the full resolution performance of every TEM can be maintained during imaging of sample dynamics at elevated temperature.


The Wildfire System - Plug-and-Play

The Wildfire system consists of 4 main components:


•Sample holder

•Heating control unit

•Control software

Lightning - Heating & Biasing

Lightning In Situ TEM Biasing & Heating

The Lightning In Situ TEM Biasing & Heating Series provides you the power to obtain real-time information about your specimen under a controllable electrical and thermal environment. Investigate the next generation of nano-electronic materials and devices with the Lightning Series.


Simultaneous Heating and Biasing

Dedicated Heating - up to 1300 oC

Biasing - 200 kV/cm at RT (150 kV/cm at 900 oC)

Resolution - 60 pm


Application areas include Piezoelectrics, ReRam and Solar Cells.


The Lightning system consists of 4 main components:


•Sample holder

•Heating control unit

•Control software

Climate - Gas & Heating

Climate In Situ TEM Gas & Heating

The Climate In Situ TEM Gas & Heating System enables atomic resolution imaging of gas-solid interactions and sample dynamics in research areas such as catalysis, nanomaterials growth and corrosion studies. The Nano-Reactor is the ‘lab on chip’ MEMS based technology enabling the 1 Bar pressure & elevated temperature environment for in situ TEM. The Climate system converts high-vacuum (S)TEMs from a static imaging tool into a dynamic in situ chemical laboratory, enabling real-time observation and analysis of materials.


Resolution: 1Å

Pressure: 1 Bar

Heating:  1,000°C


Applications include Catalysis research, Nanomaterial Growth and Corrosion.


The 8 in 1 solution

The Climate system brings an ‘integrated’ approach to TEM characterisation of catalysts. Previously only possible with a number of separate techniques, Climate in conjunction with the TEM combines 8 separate techniques into one seamless platform.


The Climate system consists of 4 main components:


•Sample holder

•Gas Supply System

•Climate software

Stream - Liquid + Biasing or Heating


Stream In Situ TEM Liquid and Biasing or Heating

Liquid phase microscopy has become increasingly popular, as it provides new insight into important processes of various research topics within material science, chemistry and biology. The Stream In Situ Liquid Solution radically changes the way experiments in liquid are carried out. The innovative technology brought to you by DENSsolutions offers for the first time:

Accurate flow and pressure control

Controlled membrane bulging

Extended experimental flexibility


Application areas include Energy Storage, Corrosion, Electrochemistry, Nanomaterials, Cell Biology, and Molecular Biology


The Stream system consists of 3 main components:


•Sample holder

•Pressure-based liquid pump

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