Moxtek Pixelated Polarisers

Pixelated Polarisers using micro-pattern grids

Moxtek has created unique Pixelated Polarisers using an array of micro-pattered Nanowire® grids.
These versatile Pixelated Polarisers can be aligned with cameras, plane arrays, interferometers, and microbolometers without the need for mechanical polariser switches.  Using the Pixelated Polarisers, vibrant images distinguishing between multiple polarisations across the visible and IR wavelengths can be captured simultaneously in real-time enabling fast, high resolution images.   These polarisers also enable clear 2D and 3D images even in low-light conditions.  We offer patterned polarisers for two, three and four-state imaging devices

Due to the nature of these components, there exists very few standard configurations. Therefore, please contact us to discuss your specific requirement.


  • User defined geometries
  • Low cross-talk
  • Accurate registration
  • Allow for single camera systems


  • Size
  • Shape
  • Polarisation states (up to 4)
  • Transmission axis
  • Pixel size
  • Pixel arrangement
  • Visual criteria
  • Pixel pitch
  • Spacing between pixels



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