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21 November 2018

International Light Technologies introduces their new ILT2470XE UV Flash Measurement System

ILT2470XE - UV Flash measurement in a handheld package

This system presents a new edition of the ILT2400 Radiometer, the ILT2400XE, which comes loaded with ILT’s custom flash app developed specifically for Xenon Corporation. In conjunction with the SED270 SiC (silicon carbide) UV sensor, this allows measurement of pulsed UV sources from 215-350 nm. The custom flash app has several modes including:

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12 November 2018

InfraTec introduces the ImageIR 9400 High performance thermography camera

InfraTec have just launched the new ImageIR 9400 high-performance thermography camera.  Designed to analyse the thermal behaviour of objects and processes from a wide variety of perspectives, this camera is equipped with a new generation cooled focal-plane array photon detector that provides a format of (1280 × 1024) IR pixels.

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07 November 2018

DENSsolutions have recently launched Stream, their new in situ liquid solution!

In Situ TEM Liquid, Liquid Biasing and Liquid Heating

Controlled dynamics in the liquid state

Liquid phase microscopy has become increasingly popular, as it provides new insight into important processes of various research topics within material science, chemistry and biology. The DENSsolutions Stream In Situ Liquid Solution radically changes the way experiments in liquid are carried out.

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31 October 2018

We are proud to announce our new partnership with Correscopy Correlative Imaging

Correlative Imaging redefined

Correscopy’s patent protected system redefines correlative microscopy using a combination of innovative hardware and software solutions to provide correlative imaging across a multitude of platforms.

With Correscopy you can use any microscope you have access to and do correlative imaging

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