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17 August 2018

Princeton Instruments and Montana Instruments team up to make a Variable Temperature Raman Microscope for the CRYOSTATION

The NEW Cryo Raman is a variable temperature Raman microscope integration is optimised for high collection efficiency and throughput, offering an automated and controlled environment for characterising materials with standard spectroscopic techniques.  Applications include Quantum Information, 2D Optoelectronics and Bio-Sensing.

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15 August 2018

The next generation DENSsolutions software

Set up and monitor in situ experiments. Flawlessly.

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06 August 2018

Monet’s painting confirmed genuine by using Specim’s hyperspectral camera

The 1891 work ‘A Haystack in the Evening Sun’ was found to be a genuine piece of Claude Monet’s work by researchers of RECENART project in the University of Jyväskylä. The research team revealed a layer of paint over Monet’s signature, and year of the oil painting by using a hyperspectral camera developed and produced by SPECIM.

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06 August 2018

A complete integrated solution for variable temperature transmission mössbauer spectra measurements

The NEW Cryo Mössbauer from Montana Instruments offers a complete, integrated solution for variable temperature transmission mössbau­er spectra measurements.

The MS96 spectrometer is coupled with the Montana Instruments Cryostation sample chamber in a straightforward and user-friendly design.

Improve efficiency and quality of results with the combination of two industry-leading performance systems.  

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25 July 2018

Reconstruction of Supported Metal Nanoparticles in Reaction Conditions using the DENSsolutions Climate

In the latest contribution from Zhejiang University published on Angewandte Chemie, the DENSsolutions Climate Gas and Heating solution, owing to its unsurpassed experimental flexibility and stability under any condition, has been used to exploit the full power of in situ aberration corrected electron microscopy. Coupled with multiscale model, the experiment clearly shows that the interaction between the support and the gas environment greatly changes the contact surface area between the metal and support, which further leads to the critical change in the perimeter interface.

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04 July 2018
Bioimaging and X-Ray Microscopy

SCREEN Develops Deep Tomography System for Observation and Measurement of 3D Images

Enables Non-invasive 3D Observation of Live Samples

SCREEN's NEW Cell3iMager Estier employs the optical coherence tomography (OCT) technology used in the opthalmology field for the examination of retinas.  It does not require any special preparations and great simplifies the safe, non-invasive capture of 3D images of tissue samples and organoids created from iPS cells, ES cells and more.

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29 June 2018

A NEW UV radiometer that delivers unmatched flexibility and capability not found in any other system

The ILT800 CureRight from International Light Technologies is a feature-rich profiling UV radiometer that delivers unmatched flexibility and capability not found in any other system.  The ILT800 Radiometer meets a broad range of applications across a variety of light measurement needs.  The system has been designed with the varying needs of its users in mind, and can be configured and customised to your unique environment

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