Meet The New FIB Stub 3.0

Improved Focused Ion Beam lamella preparation

Sample preparation is one of the most important steps in any TEM experiment, especially if you’re working with FIB lamellas. Now we share with you the latest developments on our FIB stub. This new version is improved in multiple ways to make your sample preparation easier, safer and quicker.

5 reasons to get the new FIB stub

  1. It is easier to use
  2. Imaging is improved
  3. Smart clamping mechanism added
  4. The procedure is more safe
  5. It has a high level of compatibility

Ease of Use

The sample is located on an additional flat side of the stub. This ensures a conventional geometry and the very same and the well-known process used by any FIB operator.

Imaging Is Improved

Reduced shadowing improves the imaging quality, especially at low accelerating voltages during final milling and polishing steps (1-5 kV). The charging is also minimised further improving the quality of the images and the samples.

Smart Clamping Added

Due to a dedicated pocket for the Nano-Chips with an integrated end-stop and a smart clamp mechanism, loading and unloading of the chip becomes a simple and a fast process.

There is no need to use sticky tapes to fix the chip and the possibility to damage the fragile window membranes when handling the chips is greatly reduced.

Safer Procedure

The stub is engineered in such a way that the position of the sample and the Nano-Chip are on the same height (green dotted line). This minimises the possibility of crashing into the pole piece, the gas Injection system or the manipulator.

High Level of Compatibility

The FIB stub can be used with all double tilt (Wildfire/Lightning) heating and/or biasing TFS/ FEI or JEOL Nano-Chips.

See it in action…

And there is more

Buy the new FIB stub now and later on you can upgrade to a full In Situ FIB stub. The in situ version will allow you to apply the heating and biasing stimuli directly inside your FIB device while doing the sample preparation. This is especially important for biasing lamellas, which will help to get the best quality working device from the first attempt without a need of reiteration.

What Users Say…

The new DENS stub is very useful when making samples for in-situ TEM heating and biasing experiments. The refined copper clamping system makes it easy to mount the chip in a safe way, while it is grounded at the same time to prevent charging.
By using the angle of 45 degrees it is possible to finish a complete sample in one go without the system having to be aerated. So I am also very satisfied with this stub that makes work easier for me.“
M.Sc. Stijn van den Broeck
Electron Microscopy for Materials Science (EMAT) Antwerp

I still am quite amazed by what the new FIB stub provides. The FIB stub allows to use the established routines on completely new MEMS sample carriers as a simple plug-in stage for the FIB system.
No additional stage or sample exchanges need to be performed on the FIB, which saves time and prevents sample degradation. “
M.Sc. Alexander Zintler
Advanced Electron Microscopy (AEM), TU Darmstadt

Watch the Procedure in Full

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