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Try out the world's first label-free high resolution microscope at York University

16 April 2018

We installed the first Tomocube HT-2 Fluorescent Holotomographic Microscope in the UK at Peter O'Toole's facility at York University last week. We therefore now have an exciting opportunity open to try the world's first label-free high resolution microscope, with correlative 3D fluorescence (+ deconvolution) in the UK.  If you have a sample that would benefit from this new technique give us a call on 01372 378822.

HT-2 is the world’s first microscope combining both holotomography and 3D fluorescence imaging in one unit. The benefits of using low laser power for holotomography imagine with intermittent fluorescent imaging allows the benefits of low-dose in combination with the specificity of fluorescent labelling. Fluorescent labels can also be used as a standard control to confirm that the holotomography is in agreement with labelling that is more familiar. The HT-2 is also an excellent fluorescent microscope without holotomography and can be used in conjunction with the Tomostudio deconvolution software to give you excellent wide-field fluorescent images - find out more about the HT2

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