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Studying Atmospheric Chemistry with Absorption Spectroscopy using the FERGIE Spectroscopy System

16 March 2018

Dr Daniel Stone of the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom investigates oxidation processes in atmospheric and combustion chemistry. He is particularly interested in the chemistry of reactive species such as OH, HO2, and Criegee intermediates (R2COO) that control atmospheric composition and fuel combustion. His research requires a combination of laboratory experiments, field measurements, and numerical modeling. 

Recently, Dr Stone designed an experiment with the  FERGIE  system to measure the transient absorption of a gas/gas mixture after flash photolysis using a high-power laser pulse. A fibre was readily connected to the  FERGIE  fibre port in the experiment setup Read the full article

“The ability to set up  FERGIE  so quickly… no alignment was necessary… allowed me to focus on integrating it within the experiment straight away.”

— Dr. Daniel Stone

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