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SCREEN Develops Deep Tomography System for Observation and Measurement of 3D Images

04 July 2018

Enables Non-invasive 3D Observation of Live Samples

SCREEN's NEW Cell3iMager Estier employs the optical coherence tomography (OCT) technology used in the opthalmology field for the examination of retinas.  It does not require any special preparations and great simplifies the safe, non-invasive capture of 3D images of tissue samples and organoids created from iPS cells, ES cells and more.



Non-invasive deep tissue imaging 

  • Enables non-invasive detection of internal cavities and gaps in tissues up to 1mm thick

Sample differentation

  • Allows differentiation of samples by detecting the image contract originating from variances in the sample's physical density (refractive index)

True 3D imaging

  • A 300µm 3D image can be acquired in 1 minute
  • High resolution (3µm) and low resolution (10µm) imaging options with accurate focus options

See one of Cell3iMager Estier's applications that is time lapse imaging for "Spheroid formation"


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