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Check out some of the new functions of the ImageIR Series cooled camera line

13 March 2019


These exciting new innovations can be found on the Image IR 8300 and 8800 Series cameras which exhibit the standard roster of features for InfraTec’s high-end cooled camera line.


  • Cooled InSb or MCT detectors
  • High spatial and thermal resolution
  • Thermally decoupled optics
  • Fast frame rates
  • High dynamic range
  • 10 GigE interface
  • Separate aperture and filter wheels




The ImageIR high-end camera series carries the InfraTec DNA more than almost any other product. It incorporates the know-how from over 25 years of practical experience with thermography. How consistently its development has progressed is shown by the multitude of new functions across the entire model series.

Customised Multi-integration time function (MIT)

There are further developments within the ImageIR series besides the MicroScan function. InfraTec’s new cMIT mode allows the camera to operate at full frame rate independent of MIT operation! This customised MIT mode now allows for standard calibration data to be combined individually for a more streamlined and user configurable approach which further enhances the calibration range of the camera.


HighSense is an interesting new tool that helps the user to achieve the most accurate temperature readings possible! By entering the preferred temperature range, the optimal integration time will be set automatically. Similarly, by entering an integration time, the optimal temperature range will be set. Any user defined settings can also be stored as “presets” containing the ideal frame rate, integration time, sub-window mode, and MIT mode so they can be recalled later for a particular application.
Scaled Non-Uniformity Correction (Scaled NUC)

Automatically included with HighSense, Scaled NUC increases the flexibility and accuracy of your camera by allowing valid NUC and thermographical calibrations for each selected sub-window in high-speed mode

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