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Information on recommended Cryocooler Service Intervals for your reliquefying Quantum Design systems

20 March 2019

We have recently introduced new maintenance pricing for the coldhead, compressor and pumps in reliquefying systems.

By ensuring that the cryocooler components and pumps are in optimal condition, this maintenance helps to ensure the optimal operation of your system to allow precise temperature control and prevent loss of liquid helium.

Our NEW CryoCare Maintenance brochure outlines the recommended service for your Quantum Design reliquefying systems.


  • Quantum Design MPMS3 Evercool
  • Quantum Design PPMS Dynacool
  • Quantum Design PPMS Evercool II
  • ATL80/160 Helium Liquefiers
  • MPMS and PPMS EverCool I
  • PPMS Reliquefier

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