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A solution to individual patch measurements for your MED/MPD tester

18 March 2019

Quantum Design UK and Ireland is the distributor of International Light Technologies (ILT) light measurement solutions and calibration services for the UK and Ireland. To provide the best support to our customers, we are always interested to know their measurement needs and what “missing” products are desired that could be developed in collaboration with ILT.
In recent months we have had many enquiries for UV detectors that can measure the individual irradiance of each patch on MED and MPD testers used for phototherapy. While an off-the-shelf configuration is available for this application it was found that the relatively large size of ILT’s standard detectors made it difficult to determine whether the sensor was positioned on only one of the MED/MPD patches.


Following this concern, ILT manufactured a one-off, custom sensor for one of our phototherapy customers. Unlike the standard ILT sensors, this detector was constructed in a pen-like housing that can measure single MED patches with much greater ease than the standard configuration. This sensor currently serves as the MK I model for a possible future product but without larger demand, it will remain at this stage of development indefinitely.

This is where we need your help..

In order for a MK II model to be developed with a fully custom housing for this application, we would need to show ILT that there is a large interest in a specific sensor type for MED and similar phototherapy tester dosage measurements.
If this configuration is something you would be interested in or actively desire, please e-mail our ILT representative Ben Parker at to let him know your thoughts, questions, and recommendations for this exciting new development.

Thank you in advance for your help!

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