Janis ST-500 Series Probe Stations

Variable temperature cryostat

The Janis ST-500 series probe stations are high-performance research instruments designed to provide affordable vacuum and cryogenic probing of wafers and devices. The proven ST-500 cryostat is the platform for these probe stations and includes low vibration technology (originally designed for high spatial resolution optical microscopy) to provide outstanding sample positional stability.

Researchers around the world are using these systems to conduct research in a wide variety of fields, including MEMS, nanoscale electronics, superconductivity, ferroelectrics, material sciences, and optics.


  • Low vibration level and the positional drift
  • Temperature range from ~3.5 K to 475 K (optional: 8 K to 650 K) (depending on probes)
  • Works either with liquid nitrogen or liquid helium
  • Helium consumption less than 1 L/h
  • Accommodates up to 2 in (51 mm) diameter wafers (optional: up to 8 in [203 mm])
  • Up to seven cooled, easily interchangeable, micro-manipulated probe arms
  • Electrical measurements from DC to 67 GHz
  • Wide variety of inexpensive LF probe tips that are easy to replace
  • Very low triaxial probe arms leakage current of just a few fA
  • Non-contact, non-destructive Kelvin probes
  • Multi-tip probes
  • Fibre probe arms with single and multi-mode fiber options
  • Optional optical access through the sample mount for transmission measurements
  • Additional electrical feedthroughs with cables and wires to sample area
  • Optional special miniature vacuum chamber to transfer sample under vacuum from glove box to probe station
  • Very smooth x-y-z travel stages for all monoscope system assemblies
  • Optional movable sample holder
  • System customisation options
  • Looking for a cryogen-free option for your existing “wet” probe station? Optional recirculating gas cooler eliminates the use of liquid helium for “wet” systems.

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