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WITec Confocal and Scanning Probe Microscopes

alpha300 A – Atomic Force Microscopy

The WITec Atomic Force Microscope alpha300 A is a reliable, high-quality nano-imaging system integrated with a research-grade optical microscope and provides superior optical access, easy cantilever alignment and high-resolution sample survey.

WITec Atomic Force Microscopes are developed and designed to allow combination with other imaging techniques such as confocal Raman imaging. All imaging techniques can be integrated within the same microscope system. By simply rotating the microscope turret the user can then switch between the different methods. Possible combinations with AFM include luminescence, fluorescence, polarisation analysis, bright field, dark field, SNOM, and Raman imaging.

Contact: Shayz Ikram
Technical Director
+44 (0)1372 378822


  • Surface characterisation on the nanometre scale
  • Lateral resolution: down to 1 nm
  • Depth resolution: < 0.3 nm
  • Wide range of AFM modes included
  • User-friendly sample access from any direction
  • Ease-of-use in air and liquids
  • Unique cantilever technique for convenient cantilever exchange and alignment
  • Models

    alpha300 RA

    The well-established Raman-AFM combination alpha300 RA was the first integrated Raman AFM system on the market and continues to set the standard for combined instrument configurations for correlative Raman-AFM microscopy. The alpha300 RA incorporates the features of the Raman microscopy system alpha300 R for powerful chemical imaging along with Atomic Force Microscopy (alpha300 A) for high-resolution nanoscale surface characterisation. Thus correlative Raman AFM imaging facilitates a comprehensive understanding of the samples.

    With the alpha300 RA the two complementary imaging techniques are available in a single instrument without compromise and are controlled by one software suite for the highest ease-of-use and reliability. Switching between the imaging techniques requires just a turn of the objective turret, with all imaging parameters automatically adjusted and the same sample area easily imaged with both techniques. The software also allows the effortless correlation of the Raman and AFM results and the image overlay.

    The alpha300 RA is furthermore ideally suited for TERS (high-resolution Raman) AFM measurements.


    Key Features

    All features of the alpha300 R (Raman) and the alpha300 A (AFM) instruments provided in one microscope

    Excellent combination of comprehensive surface characterisation on the nanometre scale (AFM) with chemical imaging (Raman)

    Ideally suited for simultaneous Raman-AFM measurements

    Strictly correlative: moving the sample between the measurements not necessary

    Convenient switching between the measurement techniques by rotation of the objective turret

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