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28 September 2017

New Montana Instruments HILA s200 - Atomic Resolution Optical Cryostat

HILA is a platform designed specifically to provide an ultra-stable mechanical environment for the most sensitive cryogenic measurements. The low resonance platform provides the lowest level of noise found in any closed-cycle system, with the same level of superior optical & sample access found in all Montana Instruments systems. 

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06 November 2017

Princeton Instruments appoints Quantum Design UK and Ireland Ltd as distributor for FERGIE spectroscopy product segment

Princeton Instruments is pleased to announce the signing of distribution agreement with Quantum Design UK and Ireland Ltd to help expand sales and local support for its new FERGIE line of imaging spectrographs and associated accessories and systems.

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20 November 2017

Physicists shed light on rarely seen 16th-century metal-working technique

Imperial researchers have tested a 'blued' gauntlet from a 16th-century suit of armour with a method usually used to study solar panels.

Metalworkers have used various techniques to prevent steel from rusting, some of which turn the metal black-blue. This ‘blueing’ effect can be created in several different ways, including by applying heat or (in later years) chemicals.  However, it can be difficult to know which method was used in older metalwork like armour or weapons, because the blueing is oxidised over time, and because many armourers kept their methods protected as trade secrets.

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30 November 2017

The All-new Heating Nano-Chip from DENSsolutions

An innovation that enables you to focus on sample and experiment: the Nano-Chip is specifically designed to provide unrivaled sample stability, better homogeneity over the largest viewable area, shortest settling time, higher temperature for EDS and easier sample loading.

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