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The All-new Heating Nano-Chip from DENSsolutions

30 November 2017

An innovation that enables you to focus on sample and experiment: the Nano-Chip is specifically designed to provide unrivaled sample stability, better homogeneity over the largest viewable area, shortest settling time, higher temperature for EDS and easier sample loading.

Sample Preparation made easy

No topography near the windows allows easier thin film (graphene) deposition and eliminates the capillarity effect during drop-casting. Increased membrane stiffness simplifies FIB sample preparation.

Optimised Temperature Homgeneity

The temperature homogeneity is now 99.5%

Never miss a thing

Directly observe dynamics at the highest resolution after fast temperature change without tedious adjustments. Easily correlate structural transformations with chemical changes of your material at the highest temperature.

Reduced bulging

So far bulging (height change of the membrane while changing temperature and therefore blurred images) was unavoidable. In the new chip design the bulging effect has been significantly reduced.

Negligible Bulging up to 750 °C

< 5 µm Bulging at 1300 °C

Sample stability

Apply the largest temperature step and the region of interest (ROI) remains in the field of view with the highest sample stability.

< 200 nm ROI displacement, ΔT = 1000 °C

< 0.3 nm/min Drift Rate at 1000 °C

Chemical analysis

Chemical changes are key to fully understand processes. Due to reduced infrared emission it is now possible to acquire EDS spectra and maps even at 1000 °C.

Additional Features & Benefits

Guaranteed Temperature Accuracy

The 4-point-probe measurement enables high temperature accuracy, unrivaled temperature stability and short response time. The accuracy of Wildfire Nano-Chips has been proven by customers using different TEM techniques (EELS and Diffraction).

Long Life-Time

A carefully developed manufacturing process of the Nano-Chips allows to extend substantially their life time at elevated temperatures (>90 hours) while maintaining the guaranteed temperature accuracy. 

Updated Window Design

New window design has designated areas ideal for FIB lamellas, Best temperature homogeneity and High tilting

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