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Our latest product addition brings a new approach to X-ray Technology

18 December 2017

SIGRAY - Bring the Synchrotron to your Lab

Quantum Design UK and Ireland are excited to announce that we now represent Sigray Inc throughout the UK and Ireland.

Sigray, Inc. develops advanced and completely new approaches to x-ray technology that formerly could only be found in synchrotron beamline experimental setups. The µ-XRF system from Sigray, AttoMap combines the resolution and the sensitivity from synchrotron XRF results and combines them into a laboratory-based instrument. Beside the AttoMap x-ray fluorescence system, Sigray is also offering proprietary x-ray optics and a new and breakthrough x-ray source named FAAST.

Applications include;

  • Nanoparticles in materials science and nanoparticle-based drug delivery
  • Mineralogy (clays and trace minerals, rare earth elements in geochronology, tailings in mining)
  • Advanced materials development (polymers/plastics, ceramics, batteries)
  • Biological metallomics (distribution of trace elements within pathological tissues and cells
  • Semiconductor trace metal and contamination mapping in process development, failure analysis, and process monitoring for both front-end and back-end packaging applications.

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